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Who is Credit Strategies

Credit Strategies is a national credit restoration company that works with clients and creditors to raise credit scores. Credit Strategies is Trained and Certified by CreditCRM as Credit Repair experts serving Scottsdale and the rest of the nation.

What We Do

At Credit Strategies, we understand the unforeseen can happen. We believe everyone deserves a second chance and our credit experts are here to help you. We can raise your credit score an average of 60 to 100 points.

Scottsdale Credit Repair is 100% Legal

Credit Repair in Scottsdale is 100% legal. For details on credit repair laws in Scottsdale click here.

Why You Need a Higher Credit Score

Your credit score is the most important three-digit number in your life. Raising your credit score can lead to savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of a mortgage. In addition, a higher credit score can help you with credit card rates, auto loans, and help you get that job you wanted. With the current economic climate in Scottsdale, there has never been a more important time to repair your credit score.


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How We Raise Credit Scores

At Credit Strategies, we attack your credit from multiple angles.

First, we work with you on devising an action plan for things you can do to improve your credit score. We educate you every step of the way so you know how you can continue to manage your credit long after your time with Credit Strategies.

Next, we raise your credit score by working with the major credit bureaus and your creditors to remove negative items from your credit report. On average, we are able to remove 70 percent of negative items from your credit report thereby increasing your score.

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